Student Assistance

Counselling you for successful admissions and enrollment!

  • Are you wondering which program in Canada suits your career path?
  • Would you like assistance with submitting your applications?
  • Is the thought of applying for a student visa making you apprehensive?
  • Do you want to know more about work options in Canada after you finish your program?

With over 40 years of international education leadership, IDP Education is the gold standard in international student recruitment.

Your counsellor at IDP is trained to listen to you and understand your study and career aspirations. As you explore the range of study options available across universities in Canada, your counsellor will guide and advise you.

Our personalized student services include:

  • Profiling and counseling
  • Short-listing of institutions
  • Application documentation
  • Application processing and monitoring progress of applications
  • Guidance on visa rules and documentation
  • Visa application processing assistance
  • Pre-departure orientation


When you walk into our office, you will receive an overview of the education system in Canada. Your counselor will then conduct a thorough assessment of your academic qualifications, work experience, extra-curricular, social and sporting activities. At this stage, it is important for you to talk to your counselor about budget constraints, city preference, study interests and career goals. This will allow your counselor to effectively match your profile with a university that best meets your abilities, desires and needs.

Course and Institution selection

Once you make a decision on your study area and discuss your preferences, your counselor will short-list institutions that best match your profile and requirements. Your counselor will also provide information on the institutions, the program content and program entry requirements. You will need to go through the information in detail and decide on the institutions you aspire to apply to. Your counsellor will be able to provide additional information if required to assist with the decision making process.

Application documentation

Your counsellor will assist you with understanding and preparing the documents required to support your application. You will receive tips on how to write an appropriate statement of purpose, essay, and letters of recommendation and prepare a portfolio. You will also be advised about admission test requirements and application deadlines.

Application processing and monitoring progress of applications

The application process varies for across institutions, provinces and level of study. Your counsellor will advise you on the process relevant to your application and ensure that you complete the process within the applicable application deadline. Additionally your counselor will monitor the progress of your application and keep you advised about additional documents required by the institution.

Once you receive an offer of acceptance from an institution you wish to enroll in, your counsellor will help you compile the documents for full offer acceptance and advise on tuition fee payment required for acceptance. In some cases, you may receive a conditional offer and your counsellor will advise on the documentation requirements for the same.

Guidance on visa rules and documentation

Your counsellor will explain the visa (student permit) regulations and assist you with preparing the documentation to support your visa application. You will also receive advice on how to fill out your visa application forms.

Visa application processing assistance

The visa (student permit) process for Canada is done through the VFS Canada offices across the country. Your counsellor will advise you on the process and ensure that you make the relevant payments, complete your medicals and submit the appropriate documentation as required by the Canadian High Commission.

Pre-departure orientation

You need to prepare yourself for life as a student in Canada. Your counsellor will have you attend a pre-departure orientation to assist you with this transition and orient you to academic, social and cultural lifestyle experiences in Canada. You will also receive some practical advice on foreign exchange, insurance, medical requirements and online registration for your program.

Our highly experienced counsellors will help make your dream of studying in a reputed Canadian institution a reality!

Our individual and personalized counselling ensures that you receive guidance every step of the way.

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