IELTS (International English Language Testing System)

IELTS is the world's leading English language proficiency test. IELTS is designed to assess the language ability of candidates who need to study or work where English is the language of communication. More than 7,000 institutions and faculties of further and higher education in all major English-speaking countries, and government agencies, professional associations and employers, recognize and use IELTS scores.

IELTS Academic Module is recognized widely as a language requirement for entry to all courses in further and higher education and assesses whether a candidate is ready to study or train in the medium of English at an undergraduate or postgraduate level.

IELTS General Training Module is suitable for candidates who are going to English-speaking countries to complete their secondary education, undertake training programs or for immigration purposes.

The Listening, Reading and Writing components of the test are always completed immediately after each other and with no break. Depending on the test center, the speaking test may be taken up to 7 days either before or after the test date.

There is no pass or fail in IELTS. Scores are graded on the 9-band system. IELTS scores are valid for 2 years.


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TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language)

TOEFL evaluates the English proficiency of people whose native language is not English for both undergraduate and graduate applicants. It is quite a popular language test and is accepted in more than 7,000 universities and institutions present in over 130 countries.

TOEFL measures the ability to use and understand the English language as it is read, written, heard and spoken in the university classroom. The test has 4 sections (reading, listening, speaking and writing), and takes about 4½ hours. TOEFL scores are valid for two years.

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GRE (Graduate Record Examination)

The Graduate Record Examination gauges the students’ performance at the undergraduate level and is of two types: the GRE (General Test) and the GRE (Subject Test).

GRE (General Test): The GRE General Test measures verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, critical thinking and analytical writing skills for students seeking a graduate program in the U.S. The General Test measures the skills that are not related to any specific field of study.

The General Test is Internet-based and can be taken as frequently as once a month and up to 5 times in a year. GRE scores are valid for five years.

The test has 3 sections (verbal, quantitative and analytical writing) and takes about 4 hours to complete. The highest score that can be received on the GRE General Test is 1600.

GRE (Subject Tests): The GRE Subject Test measures undergraduate achievement in eight different disciplines. Each subject test is intended for students who have majored in a particular subject or have an extensive background in that specific area.

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GMAT (Graduate Management Admissions Test)

The GMAT is a standardized assessment that helps business schools assess the qualifications of applicants who have applied for advanced study in business and management. Over 1,900 business schools around the world use GMAT scores as a part of their admissions process.

The test can be given up to once a month on working days. GMAT scores are valid for 5 years and the acceptable score varies from institution to institution.

The test has 3 sections (verbal, quantitative and analytical writing) and takes about 4 hours. The highest score that can be received on the GMAT is 800.

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Some other Standardized Tests

  • Law School Admissions Testing program (LSAT)
  • Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT)
  • Dental Admissions testing Program (DAP)
  • Pharmacy College Admissions Test (PCAT)
  • Optometry Admissions Testing program (OAT)

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