Əziz dostlar! Sizinə Avstraliyanın ən qabaqcıl universitetlərindən olan La Trobe Universitetində təhsil alan tələbəmiz Mayklın müsahibəsini təqim edirik!

Dear friends! We would like to share with the Interview of our student Michael, who is studying at La Trobe university in AU :

"My name is Michael Adekola. I am from Nigeria, I am 20 years old and i applied to study in Australia through IDP Azerbaijan.

I decided to continue my studies in Australia for a number of reasons, but mostly because Australia has opportunity for innovation and also because of my career path which is in Data Analytic. Also not to forget the amazing weather and beautiful beaches.

There are a lot of advantages of studying at La Trobe, it has one of the largest campus in Australia in terms of landmass, and there is a zoo in the campus if you are a lover of animals. The lecturers are very patient and really good at what they do. Also there are opportunities to be creative, for example, I will be traveling to Gee-long in July to represent the University in a Soccer competition.
I can say that Australia is a perfect place for studying and living. I find it amazing how multicultural this country can be, so many people from different countries.
La Trobe University basically teaches in the lecture room where the lecturer teaches and also uses projector for further explanations. There are so courses available online of course.

I did not really have any difficulty adapting to the country mostly because I have my brother here who has been living here for quite some time, and also because I have lived in Baku, so the winter is not a problem.

Although my parent is my primary sponsor, I also try as much as possible to pay for my tuition or cover some fees. Well, it can be easy for a student to find job, may be on campus or off campus like MacDonald's or KFC or some other cafes but a good understanding of English will be very helpful.

I have not been too much places yet, but I have gone to the zoo, beach, cinema etc. There are many more places to visit. And I go out to dinner with friends.
My advice to people who wish to study in Australia is "What are you still doing, pack your bags already and start coming" but honestly. It is a very good place to study with and also have fun. Depending on what city or school you want to go to, try to at least have funds to last you for a year.
Finally, I want to say i miss the Azerbaijan Ayran..... "


Фото IDP Azerbaijan.


Фото IDP Azerbaijan.


Фото IDP Azerbaijan.