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Archbishop Riordan High School

San Francisco

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San Francisco

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High School


Welcome to Archbishop Riordan High School. This is an incredible community of talented students, with a dedicated faculty and staff committed to educating them.

One of the most unique things about our school is how our students treat their classmates like brothers, and form friendships that will last a lifetime. This reflects one of the characteristics of a Marianist education that guides our school: to educate in the family spirit. We are proud of our track record of admitting boys and graduating men who help each other grow, learn and mature.

Our extensive athletic, extra-curricular and fine arts programs provide a wealth of opportunities for our students to develop into well-rounded individuals who are prepared to make lasting contributions to the community. Most impressively, our students are committed to their faith and give of their time and talents to aid those in need. While our graduates matriculate to some of the top colleges and universities across the country, wherever they land, they continue to give back.

I invite you to visit campus and learn more about our school, our students and life as a Crusader.

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