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Bellerbys College, Heriot Watt University's International Study Centre (ISC), Kingston University's International Study Centre (ISC), Keele University's International Study Centre (ISC)


Why Choose Study Group?


Founded over 20 years ago, Study Group has an excellent reputation and has come to be acknowledged as a leader in international education, specialising in the provision of world-class university access to students worldwide.

Teaching Quality

Centres of Excellence: Study Group’s reputation is founded on its ability to excel in both the quality of the learning experience and on the learning outcomes of the programmes.

  • Study Group is an acknowledged leader in international education, helping international students gain the skills and qualifications needed for entry in to university.
  • Study Group offers university access in premier learning environments. Employing over 2000 people worldwide, it brings commitment, passion and contemporary learner-centred methodologies to accelerate learning, enhance experience and provide outstanding academic results.
  • Study Group has developed an effective strategy for success: this is evident in the feedback from regular student surveys and the expressions of student and parent satisfaction. It is evident, too, in its outstanding examination results.
  • Teaching quality is confirmed by a wide range of independent accreditation bodies. They demand, as Study Group does, the highest levels of quality and service. 95% of Study Group teachers are educated to degree standard and above.
  • Study Group is investing progressively in the development of state-of-the-art teaching and residential facilities around the world; purpose-built campuses which provide students and staff with stimulating work and study environments.
  • Students today are more technologically literate than ever before, Study Group invests in cutting-edge technologies to enhance the learning environment.



Working in partnership with a number of universities, Study Group has specialist on-campus university preparation centres.


Student Satisfaction

Study Group is committed to providing a premier learning environment for its students worldwide.

  • Study Group is built on a long-standing commitment to the specific needs of international students.
  • The welfare and success of Study Group students is at the core of its values. The company’s unique ‘Study Care’ insurance provides comprehensive security from the moment students leave home to the time they return. Dedicated staff at each Study Centre are experienced in supporting a diverse, multi-national student body.
  • Study Group offers excellent student supervision, supporting the student experience away from home. It uniquely understands the differences and challenges that students experience in a new country. This allows it to provide academic advice and welfare support services to international students.


Global Outlook

Each year over 60,000 students from 130 countries enter Study Group programmes across the globe and the United Kingdom provides a unique experience for students as an English Speaking country.

  • Study Group’s long-standing commitment to the specific needs of international students, alongside close collaboration with its UK partners and a dedication to responsible recruitment, enables them, year after year, to attain the highest rates of degree entry success
  • An expanding global network of specialist education counsellors informs teaching at 12 UK ISCs and offers students the highest levels of personal support and a world of educational opportunity within the UK.
  • Experienced faculty and advisors prepare Study Group students academically and culturally with a global outlook and a successful transition into their future studies. This is central to the delivery of their educational promise.



Study Group has partnerships with a portfolio of English, Welsh and Scottish universities which offer academic training on multiple levels to students from around the globe. With 12 International Study Centres (ISCs) across the UK that offer commitment, passion and contemporary learner-centred methodologies to accelerate learning for International students, Study Group can offer a wide range of opportunities to gain a UK qualification.

Study Group’s ISCs enhance the ‘study abroad’ experience for students and help students to achieve outstanding academic results by assisting in making the transition to UK Higher Education as seamless as possible. In the UK, Study Group is now the largest single provider of international students into the HE sector and is redefining the landscape of modern education.

Study Group students come from all around the world which enables students to meet and make friends with people from many different cultures, all while mastering their command of the English language.

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