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Kwantlen Polytechnic University

Surrey, Richmond, Cloverdale, Langley

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Humanities, Social Sciences, Business, Design, Horticulture, Science, Mathematics & Applied Sciences, Community and Health Studies, Trades and Technology


At Kwantlen, we’re proud to be known for our commitment to delivering flexible, relevant and deeply meaningful educational experiences to our students - experiences that promote professional and personal growth, leadership and social responsibility. Students from around the world come to Kwantlen for our focus on small classes, engaged faculty and our blending of academic challenges with hands-on learning opportunities inside and outside the classroom.

All of this combined with our location in one of the most livable cities in the world make Kwantlen one of the best places to gain the clear and decisive advantage required for success in the increasingly competitive, increasingly global workplace.


Flexible, Student-Centred Learning

Kwantlen’s focus is on you—the student. True to our belief in university experiences where student learning comes first, Kwantlen maintains small class sizes (never more than 35 students) that accommodate interaction and meaningful communication with faculty and other students. And with classes designed to fit with your schedule and programs designed to accommodate your aspirations, we give you the freedom to decide the timing and pace of your education.


Career-Focused Programs

To establish a solid foundation for your career or graduate studies, Kwantlen’s diverse degree programs integrate practical, hands-on educational experiences with broad-based theoretical learning - a truly complete university educational experience.


Engaged Faculty

Our faculty believe that a student-centred curriculum supported by innovative thinking and purposeful research creates an environment that challenges and inspires. They are passionate professionals who love to share ideas and teach the skills and knowledge you need for career success. They do this by maintaining a place on the leading edge of their fields through scholarship, research, professional development and industry experience. They embrace a wide variety of teaching methods and research-driven curricula. This supports dynamic learning experiences that are student-focused, innovative, collaborative, and socially and culturally responsible.


Superb Facilities

Through Kwantlen’s advanced facilities and learning technologies, you’ll gain the knowledge and real-world skills needed to succeed in your chosen career: 

  • Science labs with access to industry-standard equipment such as optical microscopes, centrifuges, incubators, assorted spectrometers and environment chambers
  • State-of-the-art graphic design computer labs
  • Psychology labs to conduct computer simulation exercises and research studies
  • Horticulture field lab with gardens and beds representing a full range of maintenance levels found in residential and commercial landscapes
  • Visual arts studios that accommodate many specialties including painting and ceramics
  • 250-seat auditorium with exceptional acoustics for rehearsals and concert performances
  • Interior design studios for production and project development
  • Automotive training facilities equipped to handle all facets of automotive diagnostics and repair
  • Public safety communications lab equipped with provincially mandated prime-BC computer-aided dispatch application software
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