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Primary, Middle and Senior School, Academic senior high school, Preschool, Academic English and IELTS Preparation courses, The University of Auckland Certificate in Foundation Studies


  • Owns and operates seven schools in New Zealand; two in Vietnam and one in Indonesia.
  • Offers pathways from Kindergarten, Primary, Middle and Senior School to English Language Training and University Foundation Studies
  • Has over 5,000 students and 600 teaching staff.
  • Has an academic focus with outstanding examination results.
  • Is associated with the University of Cambridge through international examinations; with the International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO) through accredited Primary Years Programmes and teaches University Foundation Studies offered on behalf of The University of Auckland and AUT University and the University of New South Wales (in Vietnam).
  • Offers intensive academic English courses, intensive IELTS preparation and full English Language Support to those in need.

Has advanced IT services for learning on-line and for families to view attendance, academic reports and examination results, course outlines and timetables on-line

Students’ testimonials

  • “I am very happy to be here. The teachers have helped me a lot, both in class and also outside of class time with tutorials and individual assistance. I am pleased with the progress I am making in my course.”
    Abdullah Alsharai from Saudi Arabia. 
    Student of ACG Norton College (AUT International Foundation Certificate)
  • “I like to study at ACG English School because there is a positive atmosphere and expert teachers. My purpose is to study at ACG English School and then to continue as a high school student at ACG Strathallan College. I am certain that my studies at ACG English School will prepare me well for college.” 
    Aidana Zhumadilova from Kazakhstan.
    Student of ACG English School
  • “If I had not made the decision to study at ACG, I would not have gained a great feeling and confidence. I want to praise myself and I am deeply grateful to ACG.” 
    Satomi Katsuta from Japan.
    Student of ACG New Zealand International College (The University of Auckland Certificate in Foundation Studies)
  • “I really enjoy studying at Strathallan, there are so many activities and clubs for students such as robotic club, chess club, debating teams, sport practice after school, music lessons and so many others or if there is other activity that you want to do, then you can give your idea to the student council. The environment around my school is very nice and calm and really clean, surrounding by trees and river, there are no traffic noises.”
    Chanida Kaiwansil from Thailand.
    Year 12 Student at ACG Strathallan College
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