The United States is the number one choice of international students seeking to pursue their educational dreams overseas. Today there are around 30% (about 672,000) of international students studying in diverse universities and institutions across the USA.

American universities are widely known for their quality of teaching and research. The USA topped OECD’s 2012 ranking of national higher education systems, which evaluates higher education systems in terms of resources, environment, connectivity and output.

Studying in the USA opens up more opportunities for international students who want to obtain a degree from one of the world’s finest educational institutions. There are outstanding program options available for undergraduate students in conventional subjects and professional fields. At the masters and PhD level, students are offered the opportunity to work with and learn from the finest researchers in the world. 


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IDP Azerbaijan, through its Baku office is offering student placement services in all Australian educational institutions and client universities in the US, UK Canada and New Zealand by highly trained counselors and using state-of-art CRM system read more...

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