8 Easy Steps



Counselling Session

Based on your qualifications, work experience, course eligibility, and budget, our counsellors will help you take the right decision. If you have not taken the mandatory IELTS test, you need to register for the test at IDP, prior to lodging your application.

Individual Assessment Meeting

The entire visa procedure will be explained to students in detail. Each individual will be assessed for eligibility for student visa.

Application Submission


Successful applications will receive a Letter of Offer from the institution via IDP. These letters can be either conditional or unconditional.

Approximate processing time for Steps 1 - 3 from the date of applications:

  1. 4 Weeks for UG
  2. 4-8 Weeks for PG (Coursework)
  3. 6-8 Weeks PG (Research)
  4. 1 Week /Schools/Colleges & Foundation Courses

Tuition Fee and Insurance


Once you have submitted your application, you will receive an email to confirm receipt of your application. If accepted, you will then be sent an Offer of Place. If you wish to accept the Offer you must sign and date the Acceptance of Offer Form and return it to IDP as well as pay all fees as stated on the Offer.

As an international student in New Zealand you must have appropriate medical and travel insurance. This must cover your time studying in, and travelling to and from New Zealand.

Visa application


Overseas students need a visa to study full time in New Zealand. IDP will provide you with the visa application form and a check list of documents that you need to submit.

If it is your first semester study, you will be issued a visa based on the fees you have paid.

Medical Examination

You will be required to provide a medical and x-ray certificate when you apply for a student visa to come to New Zealand for the first time. A medical and x-ray certificate is usually required every 24 months. However, Immigration New Zealand may request it from you at any point.

Travel/Accommodation Arrangements

On receiving your visa approvals, buy your air tickets and be prepared with necessary foreign exchange. Once you provide your flight details to the IDP counsellor, we will assist you with information on various available on-campus and off-campus accommodations.

Pre-Departure Briefing


You will attend the IDP orientation with detailed aspects of life and studies in New Zealand. It is a great opportunity to meet alumni, current students and future classmates.

IDP's pre departure briefings are usually held in the months of January and June.

Student Services

  • Counselling

    The best advices on courses and exams.


  • Visa process

    The professional help on obtaining the visa. More...

  • Pre departure

    Briefing on what to expect during your stay. More...