Farid Khalilov- One of students of the University of Technology in New Jersey, who has enrolled with the support of IDP Azerbaijan :
To the attention of all students who want to study in Canada or US
Dear friends! Best wishes to all of you in the Year 2017 !
On 14th and 15th of December 2016 the managerial staff GRBS Group -the regional leader and innovator visited Ganja State University on the occasion of the opening of the IELTS Test Centre
The seminar about education in New Zealand and Australia organized by IDP Azerbaijan on 19 November 2016 was successfully hold.
Leader and Innovator organization of the region- GRBS and IDP Azerbaijan have successfully held Seminar on " Migration to Canada " on 29 October 2016.
On 29 September, 2016 IDP Azerbaijan successfully organized Seminar on Study in US .
Another our official IELTS session in Nakhchivan has gone smoothly and seamlessly on 10 September 2016.
On 10 September 2016 was held successfully Seminar about Study in UK organized by IDP Azerbaijan .
During the time of activity IDP Education has helped more than 400.000 students to take place in high quality universities in Australia, UK, US , Canada and New Zealand.