What factors should I consider when making a choice of course?

Select the courses according to the area you are interested in studying and look carefully and thoroughly at the content of each course by consulting the page of the respective department within the pages of the individual institutions. If, after looking at this information, you still have doubts about the course, you should contact your IDP counselor.

Apart from the course, it is very important that you feel happy with the facilities being offered by the relevant university.

Are the courses and institutions that I have chosen of a high standard?

The UK government does not have an official ranking of all universities and institutions. While the primary responsibility for academic standards and quality rests with individual universities and colleges the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) checks how well they meet their responsibilities through institutional audit and subject reviews. For research courses, the Research Assessment Exercise (RAE) conducted every five years reviews the research activity of institutions and the quality profile determines the grants received for research from various funding bodies.

What financial support is available for international students?

There are a limited number of awards available for international students. The amount varies from level of study as well as the institutions. The scholarships are competitive and you need to demonstrate exceptional academic achievements.

What opportunities are there for working and studying at the same time?

Many universities have a dedicated job centre on-campus for students that offer or advertise a range of job opportunities to help students develop skills. The university Careers Advisory Service is also a useful source of information and advice. If you pursue a course of degree level or above you are permitted to work for 20 hours a week during the term and full time during the vacations.

How can I find accommodation?

Most UK universities and colleges will guarantee accommodation to international students if they have accepted the offer and applied for the accommodation within the deadline. The student housing officers at the university will be able to offer advice and guidance on finding suitable accommodation. Private accommodation outside of the University or college will be cheaper if you are prepared to share the facilities with another student and are suitable to postgraduate or mature students. Undergraduate students in their first year of the course are recommended to stay in the halls of residence on-campus. A number of universities and colleges now manage their accommodation in line with government-approved codes of practice.

When should I begin the application process for September intake?

It is recommended that you begin you application process at least a year in advance to give enough time to the institutions to process your applications.

Does IDP have any special relationship with UK institutions?

Yes, IDP has signed up with specific UK institutions which will certainly give you the benefit of better turnaround time for application assessment and other requirements.

Will IDP help me with the pre departure formalities?

Yes, IDP will organize a pre-departure orientation program which will help you transition to life as a student in the UK.

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