Student Assistance

IDP offices have a wide range of up-to-date UK university prospectuses, handbooks and CD-Roms as well as the relevant application forms. When UK university representatives visit our offices we will organise interview sessions that will allow you to meet them.

IDP counsellors offer you impartial and professional advice on the following:


How to choose a course that is right for you

IDP counsellors have vast experience in counselling students on choosing a programme that’s right for you. Whether its undergraduate or postgraduate level, the counsellors will guide you professionally and explore options of study that are personalised to your needs.


How to select the right institution based on your preference

IDP counsellors will help narrow down a range of institutions based on your preference. They will use a range of sophisticated tools that will compare and contrast the best options for your consideration so that you may be able to make an informed decision.


Guidance on entry requirements

IDP counsellors are familiar with the structure of most of the major education systems. With this significant advantage they will be able to advice on entry requirements regardless of the system of education you have pursued prior to your entry to a UK institution. IDP counsellors will also be able to give you expert advice on IELTS entry requirements that may be required for your education in the UK.


Support with the university applications

IDP counsellors are able to help you with your UK university applications. At undergraduate level they will guide you through the UCAS application process including advice on how to write a personal statement and for postgraduates they are there to assist with the details required for applications at this level.


Post application assistance

IDP counsellors will also help you sort out accommodation, assist with tuition fee payment, help you with visa applications, organise a pre-departure briefing and liaise with the UK universities to organise airport pick-up.

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Student Services

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    The best advices on courses and exams.


  • Visa process

    The professional help on obtaining the visa. More...

  • Pre departure

    Briefing on what to expect during your stay. More...